This is oudated. Please see
the docs for the most actual version.

A Java TopicMap - Toolkit, to use with tm4j
This document covers Panckoucke 0.1.0_alpha


  1. About Panckoucke
  2. The two parts of Panckoucke
  3. The API in more detail
  4. Developing with the implementation

About Panckoucke

The aim of Panckoucke is to support and to facilitate the development of Topic map navigation and editing applications.

Therefore the panckoucke library defines a public API and includes a basic implementation of that API. The implementation allows developers to ease starting developig their own applications with panckoucke and including it in their own hosting apps.

Later they may refine the panckoucke implementation and replace (or overwrite aspects of) it - partially or as a whole - with their own.

If you like to contribute to Panckoucke or if you have any questions please feel free to contact us. You will be received with cheers!

Christoph Fröhlich (
Niko Schmuck (

Hamburg, October 2002.